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♔ Rivelata

we were not meant to meet each other, but I'd hate for you to stay a stranger

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A multi-fandom RPG set in a fantastical, magical 17th century city.

     Maybe you were asleep. Maybe you simply blinked.

     Either way, opening your eyes reveals to you that you are now on a ship. What happened? Where are you? That island you're headed towards -- what's going on? Voices interrupt your heavy thoughts; and suddenly you realize that you're not the only one who is lost.

     Though, the explanation is simple. You have been taken to Rivelata; a beautiful tropical island isolated from the rest of this world, and an almost unfathomable distance away from the world you know. It was once in the thrall of a war between a merciless Godking and an immortal Child Queen, so the abused city shouldn't have been a place of interest for the rest of this world... but still, one day, a young man appeared from across the seas to claim the throne, and try to claim the hearts of those who lived there. Try to convince them that he was going to bring peace. Put an end to their suffering.

     But there are always secrets. There are always sides of the story that you haven't heard, and there will be those trying to make sure you never do.

     This isn't a dream, or the nightmare you might think it is. This? Is your new home, whether you like it or not, and you are but one of the hundreds of misplaced souls that are to populate this forsaken land. Enjoy your stay, because leaving... probably means death.

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