Jyuu Go

This island has been my home for over a year now. It seems like just yesterday I was standing at my room in the inn. Staring at the ceiling and wondering what I'd do with myself.

I remain uncertain about this path I've chosen. But I do know it's a much more pleasant alternative than to what I've always known.

[Recording ends to the thoughtful thumping of plastic beads on a drum head.]

((OOC: Hotsuma got one of these)).

Eleventh Sting

[No music today. Not that there's been much for the last few weeks. Just the noises of men at work down in the Slums.]

It's been awhile. How's everyone doing? I've been pretty much living here since the rains stopped. Makes coordinating all these reconstruction efforts easier.

We have enough hands down here, but if you ever feel compelled to lend yours, I'm sure our neighbors would welcome the gesture.

[Beat. Lunchtime noises drown the recording for a second or two.]

And, um... is anyone missing a masked cowboy on a white horse?

Three Clock Ticks

[There's a quiet click and then a sad melody starts playing]

[Recorded sigh]

... How different would my life be if I was born and lived in this island instead?

Would I have grown up happier?

Or maybe it would be much more complicated and worrisome than my life is right now?

[ooc: This is the tune of his pocketwatch. Try clicking on the link and listen to it, it's beautiful.]


Does anyone know where I might find a rather large supply of durable thread?

All this exercise leaves me in tatters no matter what I try, I'm afraid. Although there has been some improvement in... other areas.

Perfectly acceptable trade-off, I think!