September 20th, 2010

[Pegasus] Not Always Goodbye


What if ... Rivelata is the meeting ground between all worlds?

We all come from different places, right? Some of us leave and come back later, often without memories of ever being here....

But what if we could find the connection? What if we could find a way to leave and come back whenever we want, with our memories? Come back to this place, the connector of worlds. We would never truly forget each other; we'd always be connected. Maybe then some of us wouldn't be so torn.

XLV [recorded]

[Yuuko can be heard laughing raucously. It's clear that she's been drinking again. Then she starts to sing.]

The night they invented champagne
It's plain as it can be
They thought of you and me
The night they invented champagne
They absolutely knew
that all we'd want to do
Is fly to the sky on champagne!