Soulless (sekomasada) wrote in rivelata,

Oh. Dear.

[There is a mass of scribbling, as if the owner was just letting down emotions of panic.]

H-hello Journal. I am Sentimental Komuro Micheal Sakamoto Dada-Sensei (I hope I can somehow communicate to people I meet that my shortened name is Seccom Masada-Sensei). Where has my spaceship gone? Where has my piano gone? I am only on this island with the clothes on my frame.

I have tasted the big blue liquid. It does not taste good, I'll avoid it for now.

[The writing is almost illegible, the writer clearly was emotionally agitated.]

Where is that girl? My mind is full of questions but no one understands me. They all speak in a way I can hear them, but no one can understand me when I try to talk, and I do not speak like them. I want to go back to my spaceship. I will write more when I figure out a way to communicate with the residents here. Maybe they have seen the girl, I can ask her to take me back to my piano and bed and white walls.

[There are ink blots on the page... wait, no, they are a black fluid, the color of dried blood. Seccom's tears.]
Tags: seccom
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