Captain Siri (rivecaptain) wrote in rivelata,
Captain Siri

Captain's Log: 001

This is one of those journals you Off Worlders have, isn't it? Whichever god it is that hands them out seems to have good timing.

This is Captain Siri, I met a few of you when we left the island. I'm here to report that a maelstrom has opened in the mouth of the harbor. It's at least 30 feet across, and it's already taken down two fishing boats that moved too close. If any of you were interested in another try at leaving Rivelata, it looks like we missed our chance.

[muttered:] I hope this works. I feel ridiculous, writing a diary for eyes that may not even see it...

[[ooc: WELL LOOKS LIKE THE HARBOR'S BLOCKED OFF AGAIN. Giant whirlpool! Storm clouds seem to gather just above it, but don't bother the rest of the harbor. Any boat within 20 feet of it gets sucked down and presumably smashed against the bottom, but there's no way of knowing for sure what happens to them. Enjoy your strange ocean happenins, Rivelata!]]
Tags: npc - the captain
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