ℝandall Flagg → ❝The Walkin Dude❞ (darkhilarity) wrote in rivelata,
ℝandall Flagg → ❝The Walkin Dude❞


Say, Rivelata. That's the name of this place, isn't it? I like it. Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Rivelata. It sounds a little like a fresh start.

So, Rivelata, answer me this, if you'd be so kind. Where can a guy get a warm meal and a place to stay? Showed up without even a shirt on my back, don't you just hate that? Could be on top of the world one minute, but then nasty old fate comes along and slaps you back down again. Well, guess that's just how the dice rolls. Nothing to do but roll with it.

And while I'm at it, anyone know where to pick up a cowboy hat in a place like this? Seems like I lost that, too. Down to my boots and not much else, and that's just sad.
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