Toto Sakagami (labyrinthknows) wrote in rivelata,
Toto Sakagami


[Toto has regressed, and going off of in-canon mutterings of him being the most bloodthirsty, violent, fight-loving Deadman in Wonderland, he's going to be more violent and childish, less smooth. Abrasive, you might say.

Arranged on the page is a picture painted in red, a sun made from fingernails glued to the page in a circle, stick figure people that look like they've been drawn with the sharper end of a bone. The picture looks vaguely like a market full of people all dancing and smiling and pulling each other's limbs off. The words on the bottom are written in childish cursive.]

T o DAy I hAd f uN!
Tags: toto sakagami
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