Dorian Gray (yieldtoyoursin) wrote in rivelata,
Dorian Gray

o1 . Dorian Gray

[Dorian's handwriting is both eager and messy, with its own degree of aesthetics -- similar to calligraphy but in a way that is less practised. There are many ellipses as he begins to think of what to write.]

What is this strange and marvelous place?

It is not the first time I have been in a land so rich with culture, but there is something unusual and different about this place that is unlike any other I have ever learnt about or even seen.

I intend to indulge myself in all of it. It is an opportunity for pleasure, after all, and Harry would certainly tell me not to let it go to waste.

So I ask you: where shall I begin to entertain myself in this mysterious place?
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